Most Common Places for Accidents to Occur

Common Accident Locations
You should always be paying attention to the road ahead when you’re driving, but there are certain places where you should be extra safe, as the risk of an accident is higher. Read ahead to find out the most common places where car crashes occur.
Although it may be surprising, many accidents actually occur in neighbourhoods near the driver’s home. This is because there are many distractions such as kids, parked vehicles, bicycles, etc., that you do not normally run into on a busy street. Slow down and keep your eyes peeled when you’re driving through a neighbourhood, especially at night time.
Another common place for a car crash to occur is during your daily commute. Since the routine becomes monotonous after a while, drivers are either too tired or don’t both pay close attention to the road, which can end up leading to a serious collision.
Finally, backing out of either your driveway or a parking lot is another popular way for drivers to get into accidents. Fortunately, it’s rare that these accidents cause any kind of serious injury, but it’s likely that your vehicle will be damaged in some way.