Common Winter Driving Mistakes

Common Winter Driving Mistakes
There’s no question that driving your car in the winter is more dangerous than in the summer time. To avoid running into problems during the cold months, read some of the common winter driving mistakes below.
It is always a good idea to check the road conditions before heading out for your daily commute. Not only will you be able to tell what kind of weather you will be driving in, but you can also find out which roads are dangerous so you can avoid them on your way to work.
Far too many drivers wear their winter coats and boots when they drive. This causes them to become restricted and increases the chances of pressing the wrong pedal or steering abruptly. Almost all new vehicles have heated seats, so there is no reason to bundle up when you’re driving.
Finally, many drivers only clear the bare minimum amount of snow on their vehicle before they begin their trip. Not only are you making it difficult for yourself by failing to clear all of your windows, but you also make it difficult for other drivers to tell what you’re doing.