Commuting with Satellites up High

SATELLITE - sat radio
The Commute, a little slice of the day that is yours and only yours.  Add satellites.
We live busy lives. Being a Sales Manager in a very busy car dealership leaves little time to myself most days. While I enjoy what I do and love the people I meet every day, the hours are long and the demand on my time is great. Being a husband, father and dog owner leaves little time to myself outside of work although spending time with my crew at home is the highlight of my week.
Call me crazy but I look forward to the time I spend in my truck traveling between my work and home.
Radio for me is like TV for some. It’s both my chance to stay connected with the world and a small mental escape through music.
XM Satellite Radio, standard or optional on most vehicles , is important to me. It gives me something to think about, with channels like CNN and even local Sports Radio, and lets me escape with its hundreds of music channels. I can travel the world via its many ethnic music channels, rock out with a ton of alternative and rock channels or relive my youth with the 80′s and 90′s Hip Hop on Backspin.
When I combine all that XM has to offer with the wide variety of stations available on the AM and FM bands, I have enough to keep me occupied when traffic grinds to a halt!
I may be one of the few who actually enjoy their commute. If you are a commuter, demand XM radio on your next vehicle. It’s a very popular feature at our dealership, ask your local dealer next time you’re in the market.
Happy motoring.
Erik Muckle, Sales Manager at NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC
Newmarket, Ontario.