Dangerous Habits for Drivers who are Sleep Deprived

Habits of Drivers Who Are Sleep Deprived
Many commuters try different tricks to help keep them awake on their way to and from work. While they may appear to work, many of these strategies are quite dangerous, so read ahead to ensure you’re not making some of these common mistakes.
Although coffee will help to give you a quick jolt in the morning, caffeine tends to wear off very quickly which means you won’t be concentrating as much during the latter half of your commute.
Other quick solutions include turning down the window, slapping your face, blaring music/radio or talking to yourself. These may work from time to time, but they are certainly not fool-proof. If you’re relying on some of these things to stay awake, then you are not being a safe and responsible driver.
It is recommended that you pull over and take a nap if you are severely sleep-deprived. This could prevent an accident for you and/or everyone around you.
If you find that you’re guilty of doing some of the habits listed above, it is strongly recommended that you make sure to get more sleep to ensure you are both a healthier person and safer behind the wheel.