How to De-Ice Your Vehicle

How to De-Ice Your Vehicle
In light of the recent ice storm that took place last week, Ontario residents should be very aware of how poor the weather can be in the winter. If you’re forced to drive somewhere, it’s important that you know how to de-ice your vehicle properly in order to stay as safe as possible behind the wheel.
Before de-icing your vehicle you must remember to turn your car on. This will warm up the vehicle and will make removing the ice a lot easier. You can also blast the defroster do help loosen up the ice on the windshield as well.
The most physically straining method to clear the ice is to use a scraper and remove it yourself. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, this method may not be realistic or comfortable if it’s very cold out.
A much better and easier method is to buy a de-icer yourself. Although it will be a more expensive than a scraper, it is not even close to as tiring plus it will save you time when you have to rush to work in the mornings.