Diagnosing Transmission Problems

Diagnosing Transmission Issues
While few people consider themselves experts with their vehicle, you should be aware of certain sounds or vibrations that indicate a problem with your transmission. Most of the signs are easy to diagnose, and a common solution is to have the the transmission fluid replaced.
The easiest way to tell if there’s something wrong with your transmission is if the “check engine light” comes on (automatics). Your car will notice problems before you, so you can have your problem fixed before it gets too serious. While the light doesn’t necessarily indicate an issue with your transmission, getting it checked out is a good idea.
If you start to smell something burning, it could be the transmission overheating. The transmission fluid helps to cool down the transmission so any burning smell could indicate a problem with the fluid. In this case, the dirty old fluid may need to be replaced.
Whenever your gears start to slip while you drive, it could also indicate you have a problem with your vehicle. If the transmission in your vehicle allows the gears to slip, you must have it looked at immediately, because having the gear pop back into neutral when you’re driving can be very dangerous.
If you hear, smell or feel something that just doesn’t seem right – stop by your local dealership and have a professional take a look.  A transmission issue is something to have check out right away.
Safe travels!