Do I need Winter Tires?

Do I need Winter Tires?

Do I really need winter tires?

I know what you’re thinking… “No snow on the ground, who needs ‘em?”
Allow me to retort… “YOU DO”, you may not know this however when the temperature drops below 7 degrees winter tires have 30% better grip than their all-Season cousins.
I’m not talking about grip on take off, I’m talking about grip while braking. Ever have that sinking feeling when coming to a stop on a cold wet (snowless) day.
Why do Winter Tires work so well? 2 key reasons…

  •  50% Tire Tread – the thing you see – everyone thinks this is the big one “Look at the size of those grooves” everyone knows size matters!
  •  50% Tire Compound – the thing you can’t see – Winter Tire Compound is designed to stay flexible well below freezing where all-season tires turn into hockey pucks at 7 degreees C.

Most people will go through 2 sets of tires over the average life of a vehicle, trouble is, as your tires age the rubber gets harder and harder beacause the tire heat cycles from cold to hot every day.
As you will need 2 sets of tires, why not choose one as a winter set – it will offer safer driving for the same cost as a second set down the road.
Winter ends March 19th but ’til then… Let it Snow – Let it Snow – Let it Snow!
Rino Rizzuto, Service Manager
NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Dealership in Newmarket