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How to drive in high winds
While many individuals will adjust their driving in conditions such as rain and snow, few will make any adjustments during high winds. However, driving in the wind can be quite dangerous and it’s important that you pursue the following steps to avoid getting into an accident.
The first thing you should do is to slow down. There are likely branches and other objects on the road because of the wind and driving too fast through these objects can damage your vehicle or cause you to lose traction and end up in a ditch.
Avoid following behind vehicles that are pulling things behind it such as a trailer or boat. A trailer will sway back and forth since it has no power on its own and it is not aerodynamic. Also, you shouldn’t try and pass the vehicle since the trailer could clip you from the side.
Remember that high wind reduces friction so you should brake and turn more carefully than on a hot, sunny day. Drive with more caution by reducing your speed and planning your move well in advance.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger