The Drive-In with the Subaru Ascent and Jeep Wrangler


Family night out at the Stardust Drive-In movie theatre in East Gwillimbury

With the summer solstice comes warm weather, beautiful sunsets and Drive-In movie nights!  With Ontario opening, we can enjoy going out to Drive-In! It is the perfect evening out because it is easy to maintain distance & still enjoy a new movie like in the theatres. There is also this sense of nostalgia that comes with going to the Drive-In, you get popcorn, and candy & you watch a movie outside with the stars shining down. It’s pretty magical!

Family-Drive-In-Movie Classic-Drive-In-Movie

I have to be honest, it has been a few years since I have been to the Drive-In and It was even better then I remember it! When Alissa from Richmond Hill Subaru suggested we go I was all in! I brought my Jeep Wrangler & she grabbed the Subaru Ascent and piled in the family! The great thing about the Ascent is that with the rear folding seats & the large cargo space you can comfortably fit the whole family. Since it was just me in my Jeep, I took my back window off (soft top season) opened up the hatch and cozied up with some blankets & pillows. It was the perfect size for 1 or 2 people!

Jeep-Drive-In Jeep-Wrangler-Drive-In-Movie

It’s not really a fair comparison between the two vehicles (since they are in different classes) but both the Subaru Ascent & the Jeep Wrangler were great vehicles to bring to the Drive-In. One of the most important things for the Drive-In is sound. The Ascent comes with a 6 speaker system or an available 14 Harman Kardon speaker system with a 792-watt amplifier. The Wrangler features a powerful 552- watt amp, 9 speakers and a room rear subwoofer, both ideal for listening to the movie!


Both of these vehicles have spacious comfortable interiors to sit back and relax in so grab some blankets, get your favourite movie snacks and enjoy the show!

Which one would you like take to the Drive-In?