How to Drive in the Rain

Driving in the Rain
The spring weather has finally arrived, which means everyone will have to adjust their driving habits, especially when it’s raining outside. Many people are not as cautious as they should be when it’s wet outside, so make sure you read some of the tips ahead to ensure you stay as safe as possible behind the wheel.
One of the biggest issues with the rain is that you cannot see out the window as clearly. In addition to having your wipers on, you should turn on your defoggers and headlights on to see the road ahead more visibly.
Pay extra attention to pedestrians. Many people walk quickly or run in the rain, so you will have less time to react if someone jumps out at you. They also won’t be able to hear you honk as well with the rain pounding on the ground, which is why it’s so much important that you look out for them.
Finally, there is no problem with pulling over and waiting until the rain subsides if you feel you cannot drive safely in the current conditions. Waiting ten minutes is much better than continuing and potentially getting into an accident.