How to drive safely at night | Car Tips

how to drive safely at night


It’s not surprising that almost half of accidents occur at nighttime, even with far fewer vehicles on the road – here are a few tips to drive safely at night. Since 90 percent of your reaction ability comes from your eyesight, you aren’t able to move as quickly when the sun sets. As a result, you must adjust your driving to ensure you are safe behind the wheel at nighttime.


One thing you should do is make sure you know where you’re going. It’s harder to find roads and landmarks at nighttime so drivers pay less attention to the road ahead. Bring a GPS with you or plan ahead so you can keep your eyes on the road.


Make sure your headlights are clean and of course, work. You should replace them in pairs when one is out, otherwise you’ll have one dull headlight and one new headlight. In addition, a cleaner headlight will allow more light to reflect off the pavement which will let you see better.


Finally, you should make sure you are completely awake when you’re driving at nighttime. Have a caffeinated beverage if you don’t think you’re awake enough or wait until the morning to finish your trip.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger