Ergonomics of Driving

Driving and Ergonomics
Even if you don’t drive often or for long distances, it’s still important that you are comfortable when you drive. Not only will this avoid potential injuries over time, but it will also allow you to pay attention on the road instead of constantly adjusting things because you’re uncomfortable.
The most important thing is to ensure your driver’s seat is comfortable and won’t cause you to move around too much. Make sure your seat is far back and the steering wheel is close to you. Make sure your seat is reclined back and your headrest is set close to your head. However, don’t recline the seat too far as this will prevent you from seeing the road ahead and may actually hurt your back.
Raise the steering wheel enough that it doesn’t touch your legs and allows you to see how the controls easily. Also, adjust the mirrors to reduce blind spots and help you to see more of the road ahead.
If you’re the passenger, make sure you give yourself lots of leg room and allow your seat to recline back as well. Adjust your head rest so that it’s level with your head as well as close to help reduce the chances of whiplash.