How NOT to Drive in Fog | Car Tips

How not to drive in the fog
While you may be able to miss work during a severe snowstorm, you will still have to go in when it’s foggy outside. Unfortunately, there a lot of common misperceptions about driving in fog and it’s important that you know them before you get behind the wheel. Here’s how NOT to drive in fog.
One of the most common things people do when they see fog is to turn on their high beams. This can create a big problem, as the light reflects off the fog and back into your eyes, making it even more difficult to see. While you may be tempted to turn on your headlights, you should realize that you’re only putting yourself in more danger.
People also like to stay close to other vehicles when they see fog, as it gives them a reference point to where they are. The problem with that is that it gives you little time to react if the car in front of you suddenly hits their brakes. Pick something such as a building or large tree as a reference point but never the vehicle in front of you.
Finally, drivers will think it’s ok to go at their regular speed if they know the road well. Even if you’re extremely comfortable with the road, you should always drive slower when it’s foggy because you will not have enough time to react if you’re speeding


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger