Driving in the Rain

Driving in the Rain
Although winter driving is known to be more dangerous because of the snow and ice, summer driving can still be quite hazardous due to the rain. In order to stay safe behind the wheel, you need to ensure you know how to drive properly when it’s raining outside.
The most important thing you should do while driving in the rain is to slow down. This will help avoid hydroplaning, which is when your vehicle has little or no contact with the ground because of the large amount of water on the road. Hydroplaning can reduce traction significantly which is why it is important to drive at a reasonable speed in the rain. In addition to slowing down, another way to avoid hydroplaning is to tap the brakes when you go through a puddle to help dry the rotors.
Whenever possible you should avoid driving straight through a puddle. You can never tell for sure how deep a puddle is and there may be a pothole underneath or debris you can’t see.
Finally, avoid driving behind large trucks or vehicles in the rain. Water can continually splash onto your windshield making it very difficult to see the road ahead. If there is a large vehicle ahead, either change lanes or slow down to create a larger gap between the two vehicles.