Driving Safely at Night | Car Tips

Driving Safely at Night


Although there are far fewer drivers on the road, nearly half of all accidents occur during the nighttime. This is because our reaction time is much slower because we cannot see as well, making driving more dangerous. Read ahead to make sure you are taking the proper precautions for driving at night.


One of the most important things you can do is ensuring your headlights work. If one is strong and one is weak, not only will this be distracting for other drivers but it will also make it more difficult for you to concentrate.


Don’t drive if you’re tired. Your reaction time is already slow enough so being tired may mean the difference between getting into an accident and avoiding one completely. You can always drive somewhere in the morning so don’t risk the lives of yourself and others just to get home in your bed.


It’s a good idea to bring an emergency kit in case you getting into trouble. A flashlight, jumper cables, an extra battery and food and water are all good items to have on you at all times. Also keep a cell phone on you so you can get help in an emergency.


Patrick Britton