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Driving in the Snow


Millions of crashes occur each year due to the bad weather, especially in the winter. While many accidents are due to the weather itself, others are caused because numerous individuals do not know how to properly drive in the snow. Read ahead to make sure you’re not making any mistakes and are safe and responsible behind the wheel.


Just because you have four-wheel drive and winter tires doesn’t mean you can drive the same as you do in the summer. Although these devices help to add traction, the snow and ice still exist so you must still drive with caution.


Don’t follow too closely when it’s bad out. You will not have as much time to brake as you do when it’s nice out, especially if it’s icy. One rule of thumb is to double your normal distance.


If you start to panic, never slam on the brakes. This will remove traction from your tires and could very easily increase the chances of an accident. Once the traction is gone, hitting your brakes won’t do anything and you could be putting yourself into a very dangerous situation.


Patrick Britton