East Gwillimbury Neighbourhood Network

Community Matters – East Gwillimbury Neighbourhood Network

NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC has committed to the Town of East Gwillimbury our support as co-sponsor for the newly launching community program called Neighbourhood Network.
This charity organization has existed in Newmarket and Aurora for several years. Belinda Stronach from Magna was at the core of this initiative originally.
It is a non-profit community based organization that brings together volunteers with local charities that assist residents in need. It is an excellent group for which we are very proud to support.
Yesterday I had the privilege of representing our store at the Town of East Gwillimbury Council Meeting where this new program was launched. Tom Taylor (previous mayor of Newmarket) is one of the Ambassadors of the program.
He spoke and shared some interesting input on the “value” that volunteers bring to the community. There are tools out there that help calculate the impact of volunteers.
Utilizing $18 as a value per hour for volunteers – when the total hours of volunteer work are estimated for a year in this area – if the Town had to pay to complete all this work in the community – every single homeowner’s property tax for example would need to increase SUBSTANTIALLY.
How much?
Well for example all those paying approximately $3000 currently a year would need to begin paying $10,000 per year.
Those paying less than $3000 their rise would be less and those more would be more obviously – but the reality is every single homeowner’s property tax would have to rise that substantially. Supporting a large group that helps coordinate volunteers, charities and community needs – based on our NewRoads Automotive Group philosophies simply made sense.
The Mayor of East Gwillimbury Virginia Hackson and Council were all present and all were sincerely appreciative of our support.
We are proud co-sponsors for the year!
Jim VanDusen, NewRoads