Eco Friendly Cars

In the spirit of Earth Day this week we are talking Eco friendly cars! From EV to fuel efficiency we are breaking down our top eco-friendly vehicles.
Kia Soul EV

The Kia Soul EV may be an electric zero emissions car but it doesn’t compromise in any category to be one. From its stylish design and its spacious interior the Soul EV is a technologically advanced vehicle that just so happens to be an EV model. Some may argue that the Kia Soul EV is the most practical EV on the market today. It’s 27-kWh battery gives an estimated range of 149 km on a full charge. With 2 charging ports for efficient power the Kia Soul EV is good at what it does, and that is be a car.
Chevy Spark EV

It seems to be a trend with the EV models to have a major focus on their styling and from its unique colour options to a fun design the Chevrolet Spark is no different! Being Chevrolet’s first all-electric mini car its make some pretty big strides with an estimated driving range of 130 km on a full charge. Even though this model uses no gas it has a GM built motor and drive unit deliver 400 lb.-ft. (542 Nm) of instant torque, a top speed of 90 mph and a 0-60 time of less than eight seconds. Made for the city The Spark EV effortlessly blends technology, functionality and style in an unexpected package.
Chevrolet Volt

Being a Hybrid car the Volt takes gas as well as electricity but that doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice in performance! The Volt uses the combination of gas and electric to create its sporty, quick and efficient feel. Lets not forget its smooth and modern styling even with an energy saving Bose sound system!
Subaru Eco

Now Subaru’s line up does not include any hybrid or EV models but one thing that Subaru has is a green initiative. Through the production of their vehicles to the partners that they align with Subaru is constantly thinking green. Subaru is constantly innovating their manufacturing to eliminate waste, thus it is no surprise to learn that Subaru has been making cars in zero-landfill plants since 2004, meaning that all waste is recycled or turned into electricity. So, just because Subaru hasn’t gone Hybrid or EV it doesn’t mean they aren’t Eco-friendly!

Like Subaru, Mazda has also not stepped into the EV/Hybrid market but they are paying attention to the environment with the Mazda6. This model takes a step into step forward for efficiency, delivering more power with lower fuel consumption. With the Mazda6, Mazda has introduced the i-ELOOP system that works by using a capacitor to store electricity recovered during deceleration to power the vehicle’s electrical systems (ie audio and climate control). Don’t eliminate Mazda in the eco-friendly game!