Luis Estragadinho – What it takes to make a champion

Luis Estragadinho GM Elite Technician Award
But what really goes in to making a champion… our Luis Estragadinho knows exactly what.
To put it in perspective, Luis is one of an Elite group of only 44 Technicians Canada Wide.
This is a year long technical competition that begins with 5,600 GM Factory Trained Technicians. To qualify, Luis had to attain near PERFECT scores (2,250 out of 2,300 points) on 5 technical exams based on GMs service and repair procedures that are sent out throughout the year in 2011.
Next step – Luis, along with the other 612 Top Exam Scores competed in a Web based Tie Breaker.
Had enough Luis?  Nope – then the top 180 Technicians from the Tie Breaker were invited to take part in the GMs Prestigious Hands on Skills Competition. In this gruelling 5 hour contest, Technicians  are asked to solve (on the vehicle in real time) 5 different problems on 5 different vehicles.
This competition is not for the average-joe, it has been known to bring on cold sweats and tears in many a Competitor (including yours truly).  Luis soldiered through taking it all in stride, his exceptional skill and focus carried him though and he WON!!
We are so proud to have Luis Estragadinho as part of our amazing team here at NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC!  Stop by and see our team of champions strut their stuff Newmarket – ask for the tour, we’d be happy to show you around!
Rino Rizzuto, Service Manager
NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC dealership in Newmarket