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Essential Car Safety Features


Although it’s in everyone’s best interest to be as safe as possible behind the wheel, there are probably some car safety features that aren’t all that necessary. However, there are at least four essential car safety features that you should be aware of; anti-lock brakes, airbags, stability control and traction control.


Anti-lock brakes are so important because they make sure your tires don’t lock up when you brake hard. As a result, the driver can maintain control of the steering wheel and avoid slippage.


Since airbags are able to sense when a car is in the process of being in an accident, they are essential to your safety behind the wheel. Airbags stop you from hitting the steering wheel or windshield during a crash which is very important to your safety.


Stability control is very important since they ensure that are four tires are touching the ground. Using anti-lock brakes and stability control together will ensure you remain on the ground even in bad weather.


Traction control is essential since it sends power to the tires that need the most grip. It is especially important in poor weather conditions as it can do a great job in avoiding slippage.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger