Is an Extended Warranty worth the Extra Money?

Is an Extended Warranty worth
There has long been a debate on whether purchasing an extended warranty is a smart idea for a new car buyer. There are strong arguments to both sides, so read ahead to learn what is best for you.
If you’re the type of person who likes to purchase a new vehicle every 4-5 years, than an extended warranty is not for you. Your car likely won’t undergo any major maintenance problems, so you’re better off using the money for something else.
One of the main reasons to purchase an extended warranty is that many of the bigger problems that normally arise come much later on in the vehicle’s useful life. If you fear that your vehicle could run into engine problems down the road, it makes sense to purchase a longer warranty so that you can be covered when these issues actually come up.
Finally, one of the biggest reasons why people purchase extended warranties is peace of mind. While this doesn’t have a monetary value attached to it, you most likely have enough stress piling up in your head every day, so there’s really no point in adding to it if you don’t need to.