Extending the Life of your Convertible Top

Convertible Top Care Tips
Owning a convertible top requires a lot more maintenance than a regular vehicle’s roof would. In order to keep it in good shape and extend the life of the vehicle, you need to wash and clean your top properly. Here are some tips for helping to make your convertible top as good as new.
The most important thing to do is to wash the car’s top thoroughly and often. Use soap and water and a hose with good water pressure to rinse everything all the residue off after.
Make sure not to use a glass cleaner with your windows. These cleaners use harsher chemicals and you could actually end up scratching or damaging the windows by using one.
In order to make sure your top is always clean, you should consider applying a special convertible top protectant. This will prevent your roof from experiencing tears and will prevent the colour of the roof from fading.
Don’t allow you’re convertible to be left outside during the winter even if the roof is up. Having something heavy like snow on the roof can easily damage it by put too much pressure on the frame.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger