Financing a Used Car with Bad Credit | FAQ

Bad Credit Car Loan Financing FAQ

When financing a used car, we’re often questioned about bad credit car loan financing for used cars.  The NewRoads Automotive Group provides bad credit car loans so we are taking this opportunity to answer frequently asked questions on financing a used car. If you still have questions or concerns you can contact NewRoads Credit Manager Chris Kitchen, give us a toll free call or use our contact form for information on financing a used car.

How will my bad credit affect me financing a used car?
The answer depends on the circumstances surrounding the bad credit. A divorce for example usually results in some major life changes and it is perfectly understandable that someone’s credit will be affected. We usually find that with many people a major event or events like job loss are the reason most have bad credit. Financing a used car with bad credit is easy with NewRoads Automotive Group and we have a 100% approval rate.
What does a Bankruptcy do to my approval chances in financing a used car?
For NewRoads Automotive Group it doesn’t matter if you are discharged or still in bankruptcy when financing a used car. We see a bankruptcy car loan as an opportunity for our customer to rebuild their credit and a start fresh. Ask NewRoads Automotive Credit Manager Chris Kitchen to provide more details when financing a used car.
I don’t have any credit. Can I still apply for financing a used car?
Yes. We are always interested in financing first time buyers. NewRoads Automotive Group is also a great way to build a credit rating.
Is my car financing application information secure?
This website employs Extended Validation secure socket layers to protect your confidential information. When financing a used car with NewRoads Automotive Group you can be assured your private information remains private.
How long does it take to receive a response to my financing application?
20 MINUTES during regular business hours. This is not a typo. Financing a used car with NewRoads Automotive Group is fast. NewRoads Automotive Group is a direct lender so we don’t need a couple of days to find a lender when financing a used car. Regular business hours are 9am to 9pm Eastern Standard Time. Monday – Thursday Friday – Saturday 9am-6pm Closed Sunday
Are there any fees or obligations when applying for car financing with NewRoads Automotive Group?
No. Our car financing application is completely free. You are under no obligation to purchase.
How much can I borrow when financing a used car?
When financing a used car with NewRoads Automotive Group you can borrow any amount based on your ability to repay. Credit Manager Chris Kitchen  will be able to give you a quick answer once you have submitted your financing application.
What happens if I change my mind about financing a used car?
You are under no obligation to proceed when applying for financing a used car.