Father's Day Gift Guide

If your dad is anything like my dad he probably has everything that he has ever wanted/needed, making shopping for gifts for him practically impossible. Thus I present to you my saving grace, Fathers Day Gift Guide!
Cardinal Golf
Cardinal Golf Club BBQ

We all know Dad loves to golf. So why not gift him with the ultimate BBQ at Cardinal Golf Club and then send him out for a round?  Book your reservation online:
BBQ Brander

Another thing that seems to be on the top of Dad’s list is grilling, its just one of those things. So why not make the grilling experience that much better with his personalized brander. Like come on I can’t name a person who wouldn’t like this… ok maybe if you’re a vegetarian.
Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

Beer, ahh the sweet nectar of life… until it gets warm. No one I mean NO ONE wants to drink a warm beer. Keep things cool with the corkcicle Beer chiller!
Throw Back TV series

Does your dad ever tell you stories of the old TV series that he used to watch “back in the day”, turns out a lot of those series are now on DVD or (maybe Netflix). If your dad just likes to kick back and tune into a TV series now and then give him the gift on nostalgia with this one!
BBQ Bible
BBQ Bible

Back to the BBQ, sometime Dad needs some grill-spiration. Give him the BBQ Bible for all his grilling answers.
Happy Fathers Day!