What does Find New Roads mean?

What does Find New Roads mean
NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC understands the meaning behind Chevrolet’s current advertising campaign of Find New Roads. The NewRoads automotive group have always followed our goal of achieving a level of customer satisfaction above any expectations. We know our dealership is truly making the experience of buying a car both enjoyable and unforgettable for our customers, as we received a letter from Nancy expressing her gratitude to Tony Ladas who helped her get the car she needed. Tony even went as far as driving Nancy 6 hours to her parents’ house so they could help her with the paper work. Nancy is an amazing woman with an amazing family and the entire staff at NewRoads is honored to have her as a customer.
Nancy bought her last car 12 years ago and was afraid to get a new car after the experience she had. NewRoads was able to change her views of a new car buying experience from the moment she walked in the door she felt welcomed and comfortable this feeling never changed as she picked out her car, meet the manager and found no closed doors or discussion of price that she was not part of. Nancy describes her experience as unforgettable and actually brought her to tears of joy. NewRoads is proud to have a system in place that allows our customers to realize they are safe and can feel confident in their decision and know they have the support of the entire staff behind them if they have any questions or concerns.
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