Finding the source of your car smell | Car Tips

Car Smells
Although some car smells may be normal and don’t require you to worry, others could be the sign of a serious problem. Being able to diagnose the problem when you smell something funny with your car will help to extend the life of vehicle and fix any issues with it.
A gasoline smell can be normal for older cars, but it can be the sign of a serious problem if you own a newer vehicle. Most of the times the issue is a leak, which can be very dangerous since gasoline is flammable.
If your vehicle smells like a gym locker there is a most likely a problem with the air conditioner and heater fan. The smell is from mildew, but thankfully it will go away if you shut off the air conditioning and put the fan on high.
A burnt carpet smell would signal a problem with the brakes. If you happen to smell this you are hitting the brakes too hard and have caused the brake pads to overheat. You should get your brake pads checked out immediately if this occurs as it’s not safe to drive your vehicle.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger