First Ride, First Car

First Car Story
His First Car… in 2022!!??
As my son turns 5 today, I find myself thinking about the future. What will he become? What kind of father will he be? Will he be a leader? Will he make a positive impact on others around him? While all of that is important, there is one question that stands out above all others……….
What will his first car be?
What are we going to see over the next 11 years in automotive technology? His first car will most certainly be the newest and best electric car right? More likely it will be some old 2012 Chevy Sonic (not even out yet but old in 2022)!
Regardless of what he drives, I am excited about the next 11 Years and beyond. Every year the manufacturers are introducing new and amazing technology like pause and record radio, air conditioned seating, 360 degree camera systems, automatic and voice activated everything and even cars that park themselves!
What else is out there on the horizon?
What is he going to drive?
Enjoy what you have today before they grow up on you!
Have a great long weekend!
Erik Muckle, Sales Manager
NewRoads Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC dealership in Newmarket, Ontario