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Fuel Saving Myths
There is plenty of advice available on how to save money on gas. While a lot of what you hear is probably true, there are also plenty of fuel saving myths. Here are some tips you might hear that don’t actually save you money at the pump.
One popular theory is that you should purchase gas in the morning when it’s cooler outside. The logic is that the gasoline itself will be cooler and denser, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck. However, the change in the temperature of gasoline over a 24 hour period is either negligible or non-existent.
A common debate is whether it’s better for your vehicle to roll down the windows or put on the air conditioning. One argument is that rolling down the windows throws of your car’s aerodynamics; however studies have shown that this doesn’t affect the fuel economy of your vehicle at all. However, putting on the air conditioning will affect your car’s gas mileage slightly.
Finally, one theory states that a dirty air filter will hurt your fuel economy. While this was true with older vehicles, modern engines are able to control the air/fuel ratio so your gas mileage will not be affected by a dirty air filter.