Popular Gas Myths Debunked

Popular Gas Myths Debunked
Drivers are always looking for ways to save on gas, especially when the prices are high. While there are some helpful tips online that will help to improve your fuel efficiency, other suggestions are just myths. Read ahead to learn the truth to some of the popular gas savings tips seen on the Internet.
One of the most popular rumours is that premium gas is more fuel efficient than regular gas. This is only true if your vehicle has a tank that is meant for premium gas. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money by choosing the more expensive option.
Another common myth is that manual transmissions get better fuel economy than automatic. This was true years ago, but modern advances in technology mean the difference between the two is negligible.
Many people believe that you can only get good fuel economy from a smaller car. However, many larger cars vehicles have great gas mileage on the highway, which is where most people do the majority of their driving anyway.
Finally, unless you have a ton of heavy items in your trunk, the added weight will be insignificant in effecting the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. It will only make a big difference if you stuff that adds up to over 100 pounds.