The Gas Price Roller Coaster

The Gas Price Roller Coaster
Welcome to the roller coaster that is “the price of fuel”!
When it costs more to put fuel in your vehicle, it costs more for everything. Food, clothing, toys all rely on transportation to get them into the stores. Transportation needs fuel to function so the additional costs are often passed on to the consumer. As the costs of living increase, our wages don’t necessarily increase to cover them so we find ourselves taking a hard look at how we spend our money.
Working in the sales end of the car business, we see people coming in daily trying to figure out how to reduce their cost of basic transportation. Swapping a gas guzzler with high payments for a more fuel efficient vehicle with lower payments is complicated by long term loans and leases. We’re constantly looking for ways to help people out and into something that is easier on the pocket book.
This is made easier because of a shortage of good used vehicles. We are buying people out of loans and leases and paying good money to do it. Dealerships need used vehicles and you’re driving them. In most cases we’re able to buy you out of a loan or lease and get you driving something that makes sense with little or no additional expense.
You’e not stuck!  If you’re feeling the effects of the rising cost of living, contact your local NewRoads dealership and have them run through your options. Investigating your options is no-charge and you may be pleasantly surprised.