Georgina Road Trip to Willow Beach

Mazda3 Willow Beach Trip
Did you miss me northern 905?  Well I’m back with some fresh new road trips, first up Willow Beach in Georgina! With summer finally here (apparently we just skipped spring) I thought it would be fun to find some sun and maybe some sand. Some might say that I have high hopes to find this in York Region but I had a secret up my sleeve. Enter, a 30-minute drive to the prettiest views and relaxing settings surrounded by waves! Best part is that we were able to snag the Mazda3 for the trip, and zipped up to the back roads of Georgina.
Beach trip
Willow Beach
Mazda3 road trip
Georgina Willow Beach road trip
I’m not going to lie, we might have mixed up the directions a few times, (woops) but with that we found some hidden gems.  After making a few turns off the beaten path we were able to drive right up beside the lake. It felt like we were driving on lake, which was pretty incredible.  The lakeshore drive is like a different place, lined with cottages big and small the shore is not just a home for parks and docks.  We really lucked out on day as well; it was beautiful and sunny which really enhanced the coastal vibe. The perfect place to roll down the windows and have an unexpected relaxing experience.
Mazda3 road trip in Georgina
Mazda3 road trip
Willow Beach in Georgina
The lakeshore in Georgina is activity-friendly. From cyclists to families it seemed like everyone was out enjoying the Saturday sun! We first came across a dock, which gave us some pretty beautiful views of the lake – and a great first impression. We then drove along the shore in the wrong direction (woops) – realized that the beach was that way and turned around. When we finally arrived at Willow Beach it was like seeing the sun peek out from the clouds. That ah-ha moment was accompanied by views of an ice cream shop and water – pure bliss.  There’s something about the wind in your hair and the lake by your side that really makes you feel relaxed.
Willow Beach
Mazda3 at Willow Beach in Georgina
Mazda3 at the Beach
Willow Beach
The Mazda3 was the perfect ride for this trip, getting lost (a few times) and winding down the back roads in the Mazda3 was amazing. I also really liked the push start feature; it made getting in and out at the different spots really easy and convenient. All you have to do is have the key on you! Loving the classic soul red too!
Where are you headed this summer?
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