Get Unstuck this Winter | Car Tips

A few tips to help you and your vehicle get unstuck this winter.


First always make sure to clear the snow or anything else from your tailpipe (where the exhaust comes out at the back of your car).


*Keep your wheels straight if you have a rear wheel drive vehicle, if you have a front wheel drive vehicle a slight turn of the steering wheel can create more traction.


Second if you have a shovel clear the snow and ice from around the tires . It is always a good idea to keep a shovel in your car even a small garden shovel or folding plastic shovel in your car.


*I assume if you have 4 wheel drive you have already engaged it.


Third try put something in front of the wheels road salt, sticks, gravel even kitty litter anything that will create a rough surface between your tires and the ice (but not puncture your tire) is a good idea. This is a great opportunity to be creative and use what you have, even a floor mat can be used as a last resort.


*Spinning your tires will only dig you deeper and make it harder to get out.


We hope these tips are helpful to get you unstuck and find new roads and always remember GM Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 to help.


Get Unstuck this Winter | Car Tips