Getting Your Car Serviced at a Dealership vs. at an Independent Mechanic

Getting Your Car Serviced at a Dealership vs. at an Independent Mechanic
A common question among car buyers is whether they should service their car through the dealership where they purchased their vehicle or through a private mechanic. There are pros and cons of each side, but one makes a little more sense than the other.
One positive of servicing through a dealership is that they have the most up-to-date training and equipment so they will be better able to fix an issue with your modern vehicle.  Another thing is that if you buy new, the dealer has access to proprietary information so they will be guaranteed to know more information about the vehicle than any private mechanic. In general, dealers know more about your vehicle than an independent technician since they work on them all the time. Therefore, you can have confidence that the problem will be fixed if you take it to a dealer.
While shopping around for an independent technician may help you find a cheaper rate, they also don’t have the same knowledge about your vehicle or the up-to-date technology that a dealer does. A common misperception is that mechanics value your service more, but since dealerships are planning on getting deals in the future based on your referrals, they would be foolish to not put in their best effort to fix your mechanical issues.
Therefore, since dealerships generally have the better knowledge, equipment and technology available, it makes sense to service your vehicle at a dealership, even if cost you a few extra bucks.