Getting Ready For Winter Driving

Getting Ready For Winter Driving
Winter’s quickly approaching which means you’ll have to make some adjustments to your vehicle for the chilly weather and winter driving. While getting snow tires for your car in the winter is fairly obvious, there are some more tips that will help improve safety behind the wheel.
Change your windshield wiper fluid: Some summer fluids freeze in the winter so be sure to change to a fluid that is made for cold conditions.
Wash your car: The salt on the road can damage the paint of your vehicle and cause rust. Your car will look much newer by the spring if you remember to give it a good wash every once in a while.
Always keep the gas tank half full: The more gas in your car, the less condensation which helps your car starting and running smoothly.
Have a kit of emergency items on you: If your car breaks down in the winter, you will need to stay safe and warm. Pack a warm blanket, matches, a flashlight, batteries and non-perishable snacks like nuts in your vehicle.