Bad Credit Car Loans | Getting Started

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Newmarket
Credit problems can happen to any of us, we’ve designed our NewRoads Credit program with this in mind.  Here is how you get started with getting you and your credit back on the road…
What You’ll Need to Bring
All buyers should bring a valid Ontario Drivers license, a current paystub, and a void cheque or a stamp debit form. Different financing companies may require additional documentation, so you may want to contact a Chris Kitchen, NewRoads Credit Manager for a complete list of what you’ll need to purchase your next car from NewRoads Automotive Group.
The Financing Process
NewRoads Automotive Group offers a simple, up-front car financing process. In just a few easy steps, you could be on your way towards owning your next car.
1. Complete a quick credit application
2. Determine your budget, your pre-approval only takes a few minutes.
3. Select the best vehicle that suits you and your family needs
How it Works
We have helped many Canadians like you to get approved for car or truck financing regardless of the credit history. Not only can help you get the financing you require. Your credit history is being established or restored. So how does that work?
We are rebuilding and reestablishing, your current credit back into good standing.
Our advisers have leverage with Canadian top lenders due to our volumes and diligence with all our clients to get you competitive interest rates and better terms for whatever your credit history might be.
We also have access to inventories of thousands of competitively priced vehicles and work closely with you to get you the right vehicle.
Our process is quick, our experienced staff is highly trained and professional, and your file details are confidential. Fill out a quick form for a no obligation quote and a professional advice.
Applying is 100%, private and confidential as well it’s free and you have nothing to lose. Try us today!
We also specialized for applicants that are either a sub-contractor or self-employed.