Tips for Getting Your Stored Vehicle Back on the Road

Tips for Getting Your Stored Vehicle Back on the Road
If you store your car over the winter, you’ll need to do a few things before it’s ready to go on the road. Failing to do so is unsafe, so make sure you read all the maintenance tips below.
Chances are, your battery will either need to be recharged or replaced altogether after sitting in a garage for months. The longer your car has been in storage, the more likely that the battery will need to be changed.
Remember to perform some routine maintenance checks before getting the vehicle on the road. This means getting an oil change, adjusting the pressure of your tires, and ensuring your brakes are in good condition.
Other items on your checklist should include: checking for fluid leaks where the vehicle was parked, inspecting the condition of hoses and gaskets, and just an all-around look over to be sure all is in proper order.
Finally, you should always have fuel stabilizer in the vehicle with a full tank of gas when you put the car away. It’s possible for fuel to go bad after a while, so be sure to make a trip to the gas station so you can have your car ready to go.