People Make the Difference | Technicians

GM Service Guild Recognition for Technicians
We believe in people.

People make the difference whether that be a top performer, a caring hand, a community volunteer, a happy smile.


We cherish the people we have on our team at NewRoads. They are what make the big difference in our customer’s level of enthusiasm and overall satisfaction.


We like to celebrate and team members who do the little things and the big things well.


Luis Estragadinho, one of our service technicians this month has made us all proud at NewRoads !


Luis was a 2011 General Motors Service “Hands On Competition” winner.


One of only 44 in the country ! There are a potential 5600 who are in competition for these 44 awards.


Technicians must reach a certain Service Guild Recognition Level – which is the “cream of the crop”.


Then those individuals compete in live diagnosis and repair competitions to win.


It is very challenging and only the best of the best make it to the end.


We congratulate Luis for his hard work, his exceptional talent and his WIN !


Great job Luis ! We’re proud to have you as part of our NewRoads family.