GPS vs Built-in Navigation

GPS vs Built-in Navigation
When deciding which tracking system to buy, you can choose between a GPS or built-in navigation. Both systems are great pieces of technology and are highly recommended to consumers. Depending on where and how far you travel, you might find it more advantageous to own a built-in navigation system than a GPS.
While built-in navigation systems are more expensive, they also offer a lot more features than a GPS. They have larger screens and can have satellite radio, DVD capability, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. Basically anything technological you would want in your vehicle, the built-in navigation system can have.
Mounting a portable unit can be annoying and distracting while driving, which is another reason some people prefer a built-in system. It also won’t get lost or broken by someone accidentally stepping on it.
GPS systems are much cheaper than built-in systems and will probably be preferred for people who don’t travel long distances. If you don’t spend a long time in your car, it might not be necessary to have all the features that the built-in system carries. Also, many families own multiple vehicles so having a portable GPS will benefit them.
Clearly, both systems are helpful for getting directions, just one system may a more savvy purchase than the other.