What Does a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Mean?

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
Your vehicle’s “Gross Vehicle Weight Rating,” is something you may have heard of before but are unaware of what it means. However, a GVWR is not something you should ignore as doing so could put you in serious danger. Read ahead to learn what it means and why it’s so important.
A Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is used to determine the maximum amount of weight your vehicle can take. The ratings combines the weight of the car when it was manufactured (a.k.a the “curb weight”) and adds additional baggage such as passengers and cargo to figure out the limit. It is important to know what your GVWR is for your vehicle, as you could run into trouble if you go over it.
Since this rating is a limit, if you go over the specified rate you could up damaging your vehicle or putting yourself at risk. A weight that is too heavy may stop your brakes from stopping normally or it could cause your tires to blow out. Both of these cases could put yourself and other around you in serious harm, so make sure you never go over your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating.