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NewRoads Hail Damage Repair - powered by Denttech

Has your vehicle been hit by hail?

On July 8, 2016, Bradford suffered a severe hail storm causing moderate to heavy damage to hundreds of automobiles.  We recognize this damage does depreciate the value of your vehicle and the insurance process can be daunting.

We have an exclusive offer to those who suffered damage, our Hail Repair Specialists will work closely with you and your insurance company to facilitate a comprehensive insurance claim that WILL NOT effect you premiums, arrange a rental vehicle, complete the repairs on site and even offer a reduced deductible, allowing you to repair your vehicle with us with little to no cost at all, plus it’s completely hassle free!

ALL of our repairs are insurance approved and come with a lifetime warranty. We work with ALL Insurance companies and ALL makes and models.

Please contact our Hail Repair Centre to book for a FREE 20 minute inspection on your vehicle and see how this exclusive offer will work for you and protect your asset. Call us anytime at 289-716-8017 or

We service consumer clients and auto dealerships across Ontario. NewRoads uses a paintless dent removal process, or PDR. PDR involves specialized tools applied to the inside skin of your vehicle’s panels - massaging the metal exterior back to its original form. PDR maintains the original finish, holding the vehicles value, avoiding costly depreciation. We offer a 100% Guarantee and lifetime written warranty.

Our facility is located at our NewRoads Chryler dealership at 17615 Yonge St, Newmarket, Ontario.


PDR involves custom designed hands tools applied to the underside of a vehicle’s sheet metal panels, reworking it back to its original form. Paintless Dent Repair is not only more efficient than conventional body shop methods, cutting repair times in half, but superior in quality with no need for paint matching or blending. PDR is the only ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY auto body repair option.

What are the Benifits of PDR?

Answer: Maintain original paint finish
Answer: Maintain factory paint warranty
Answer: Maintain vehicle value (no depreciation)
Answer: 3 day* turn around for PDR repairs.
Answer: Environmentally friendly Answer: Our work has a lifetime guaranteed and approved by ALL insurance companies




Will this claim depreciate my cars value?
Answer: A comprehensive claim will appear on a future damage search (eg: Car Proof) but not repairing the damage will affect the cars value. It is best to repair the damage to maintain the highest resale value of the vehicle.

Does this affect the factory paint finish warranty?
Answer: As no sanding, filler or paint is used in Paintless Dent Repair process (PRD), the factory finish is untouched and shouldn’t affect the integrity or the paint or its warranty.

Do I have to claim this damage?
Answer: Please refer to your provincial legislation for requirements to disclose this type of damage. In most cases it will appear on damage reports if the damage exceeds minimum values.

What happens if I don't repair the damage?
Answer: Provincial legislation require that Insurance companies honor claims for a predetermined and specific time period following a storm.failure to file within that period can result in a denied repair claim. A vehicle that is not repaired could be subject to resale or trade devaluation accordingly.