Hanging up the Keys

Hanging up the Keys - Elderly Driving
Many elderly people will not willingly quit driving by themselves. Due to a combination of stubbornness and a lack of self-awareness, it usually takes convincing from family members for them to hang up the keys. Driving at an old age is not safe which is why you should be aware of the warning signs if you think someone you know is no longer fit to drive.
If you believe that a family member or friend is no longer a safe driver, you should ask to take a ride with them to check a few things out. Obvious signs are things such as running red lights and hitting objects or even other vehicles. However, there are also more subtle signs that will tell you whether it’s time for them to hang up the keys.
You should look to see if they can properly judge gaps in traffic. If not, they have a greater chance of getting into a fender bender. Also, if they are not physically able to turn around to check their blind spot, they will also increase their chances of getting into a collision. Finally, if they seem to react much slower to the surrounding traffic, that is also a strong sign that they are no longer safe to be behind the wheel.
Patrick Britton