Highway vs City Car Safety

Highway vs City Car Safety
While you should drive safely no matter how busy the traffic surrounding you is, there are different rules for driving on a highway versus driving in the city. You are probably in more danger on the highway since the drivers are more tired and there are fewer lights, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive with caution no matter what. Read ahead to find out some of the differences between city and highway driving.
Since there are so many more unknowns while driving in the city such as pedestrians, bicycles, and stoplights, you must always be on the lookout. Slowing down for potholes and busses and making sure you are never in a hurry will help keep you and the people surrounding you safer behind the wheel.
Highway driving speeds are considerably faster than driving in the city, so that automatically makes it more dangerous. Signaling a lane change is a necessity on the highway to stay safe, so make sure you are constantly determining the speed of the traffic around you. While there are no pedestrians or bicycles on the highway, there are also fewer streetlights which can make driving in the dark nerve-wracking. As long as you’re aware of what’s around you and drive with caution, you should greatly decrease your chances of getting into an accident.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger