Holiday Soul in Newmarket


Kia Soul
Ok so I know the lack of snow is making us all feel a bit weird. Do we even still live in Canada? At this point, I am not so sure. I totally understand if a few of you are struggling with getting into the holiday spirit, because I know I am. In an attempt to get in the mood I borrowed the CUTEST Kia Soul and 2 of my besties and headed to the outdoor rink here in Newmarket!
Outdoor Fun in Newmarket
Kia Soul
Winter Skating
Obviously the skating rink is the highlight of this space, but honestly I also love seeing all of the trees lit up by Fairy Lake. When my friend and I first saw it we were both like “Whoa, Newmarket you really went all out this year”. After our first shocked feeling I could not help but smile about how beautiful it all looked. The lights, and the atmosphere… holiday vibes were creeping in! Another important part about the holidays is spending time with your friends and family. I was so happy to just be with my girl friends and goof around a bit. Even though we live pretty close – it’s really easy to get caught up in day-to-day life, so it was a bonus that my NewRoads travels lets me overlap with quality friend time too. (Thanks boss)
Kia Soul in Newmarket
Christmas Lights
Winter Fun in Newmarket
Kia Soul
Christmas Fun
The magic about finally feeling the holiday spirit might have happened when some of the local Lululemon staff approached us handing out gift cards. It was such a small, but kind gesture. They didn’t want anything from us all they wanted to do was spread the spirit of giving! The rink behind Newmarket’s Main Street also had some massive frames to take photos with too. Over all it was so much fun, but the pictures don’t do it justice, shooting in the darkness is not my forte! Especially when it gets dark at 4:30 pm, and this is a place that you definitely need to see for yourself.
Kia Soul
outdoor rink in Newmarket
Kia Soul
Outdoor Skating Kit
I think this night had to be one of the “colder” nights so far, and I finally broke out my parka. With a little chill in the air I really appreciated the heated steering wheel in the Soul. I also found the entertainment system really easy to navigate allowing me put on some fun tunes for the drive. Since there was just 3 of us the Soul was perfect for our outing, even had room to spare – perfect for our mini adventure.
Winter Skating
This trip is the cure to the no-snow-holiday-blues… get out there!