How Airbags Work

How Airbags Work
Safety technology in cars has improved significantly over the past 20 years and one area in particular that has seen great improvement is airbags. With many of today’s vehicles featuring multiple kinds of airbags, it’s important that people understand how they work and how they are able to protect them.
Airbags deploy at the appropriate time because of the crash sensors that are implemented in them. These sensors are able to determine when the vehicle has been in a crash due to the force of the collision. After deciding that an accident has occurred, the airbag will inflate almost instantly.
One of the main reasons airbags are so effective is because they are so quick at reacting to a car crash. Most airbags can deploy in about half a second, so it doesn’t allow you to jolt forward after getting into an accident.
In order to not get injured when an airbag deploys, you must be wearing a seat belt. Failing to do so could cause serious injury or fatality. It’s also important that you’re seated straight ahead and looking forward. Sitting in an unnatural position can also cause an injury.