How Long Do Transmissions Last?

How Long Do Transmissions Last?
Many factors affect the lifespan of car transmissions as there are as many indirect causes as direct ones. While factors such as quality, heat and lubrication are direct factors, since your transmission is linked to other car parts, problems with the engine, chassis or the electronic problems can also alter the lifespan of your transmission.
Fortunately, proper maintenance can help extend the life of your transmission dramatically. The fluid you use plays a big role in your transmission’s lifespan. When it’s doing its job properly, your transmission fluid will prevent wear, transfer heat and provide for a smooth transition of gears. If your fluid fails to cool down the transmission, than the heat will shorten its lifespan significantly.
To ensure your transmission doesn’t get too hot, you should change the transmission fluid about every 25,000 kilometres, especially if you travel in heavy traffic. Changing transmission fluid is a lot more difficult than changing engine oil, and it’s recommended that you allow a service technician to do it for you.
Proper maintenance will keep your transmission in good shape and allow you to save money by extending your transmission’s lifespan greatly.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger
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