How long do Windshield Wiper Blades Last?

How long do windshield wiper blades last
While windshield wipers are some of the hardest working parts of your vehicle, they are also one of the least durable. Although they do an excellent job of removing rain, snow and ice, they are simply not made to last.
Since windshield wipers work so hard they are easily susceptible to cracks and will lose their flexibility over time. Experts suggest that you should switch your wipers every six to twelve months, although you might have to change them more often since we live in a harsh climate.
There are three different types of wiper blades; ordinary, halogen-hardened, and silicone. Ordinary last the shortest with halogen-hardened lasting slightly longer. Silicone blades can last over a year and probably make the most sense for Canada’s cold climate.
It’s very easy to tell if your wipers need to be replaced as you’ll see streaking when they wipe or gaps where there is no water being removed. If you wait too long to change them, you can actually damage the windshield if the hard metal scrapes across the glass.
Fortunately, having your wipers changed is not expensive and will help you to see the road better and protect your windshield from damage.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger