How Long Will Your Headlight Last?

How long do car headlights last
If you’re a frequent night driver it’s a smart idea to know how long your car headlights will last so they don’t fail on you when you’re behind the wheel. Many factors go into the lifespan of your headlights, the most important being the type of lighting system.
There are three main lighting systems; HID lamps, LED lights and halogen headlights.
HID Lamps have a lifespan of approximately 2000 hours. HID systems are good because they use less electricity for more light. However, agencies such as the NHTSA believe the headlights to be too bright.
LED headlights are so new that no lifespan numbers have been published by producers. Although, the 2010 Toyota Prius is equipped with LED lamps and Toyota states that they last longer than HID lamps.
The most common type of headlight is halogen lamps. Their lifespan ranges from about 450 hours to 1000 hours. The reason that the range is so large is because heat and efficiency are both big factors. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do routine checks with halogen headlights because you never know when one will stop working.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger