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How to Avoid Hydroplaning


Hydroplaning occurs when there is a layer of water between your vehicle and the road, meaning your car is actually floating on the water. This can be very dangerous as you can easily lose control of the vehicle and get into an accident. Here are some tips below to avoid hydroplaning.


The easiest way to avoid hydroplaning is to drive slowly. Since it usually occurs because you’re driving too fast, you can reduce the chance of slipping by driving at a reasonable speed, even if it seems like the traffic around you isn’t slowing down.


Poorly maintained tires can also cause hydroplaning. Ensure that they are inflated properly and that they don’t lack tread. If your tires aren’t properly maintained, the chances of slipping greatly increase.


Although you shouldn’t suddenly steer around puddles, you should avoid them whenever possible. You need water to hydroplane so if you can avoid puddles you decrease your chances of that occurring.


If you’re unfortunate to hydroplane, it’s important to note that it is different than a skid. Instead of drifting in the direction you are going, sit and wait to reduce the friction. One this happens and you can feel the road again you can steer through the skid.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger