How to Clean your Windshield Without Leaving Streaks

Clean your Windshield Without Leaving Streaks
While it may sound like a relatively simple task, many car owners have a difficult time when it comes to cleaning their windows.  Whether it’s due to poor technique or the misuse of supplies, countless drivers manage to leave streaks and smudges behind when attempting to wash their windows.
If you’re one of those people, read ahead for some helpful tips:

Using the proper liquid can go a long way in avoiding streaks.  If possible, use distilled over tap water. Distilled water has less minerals in it, so you’ll leave fewer contaminants behind when you wash.
Mix the water with vinegar or rubbing alcohol, and spray the mixture on your windows. You can purchase a streak-free glass cleaner, but these products are typically more expensive, and aren’t necessarily worth the extra cash.
After spraying, wipe down the liquid with a damp microfiber cloth and then use a dry cloth to get rid of any excess liquid.

The less soap you use, the better.  It may sound silly to clean something without soap, but rubbing alcohol and vinegar will do a better job in this case. If you plan on driving shortly after washing, you may prefer to use rubbing alcohol over vinegar.
If, for whatever reason, you don’t feel comfortable washing your windows without soap, make sure to use as little as possible. It doesn’t make much to get rid of dirt, and the less soap you use, the fewer steaks you’ll leave behind.

Before washing, go over all your windows with a detailing clay to remove as many contaminants as you can. Not only will a detailing clay get rid of any unwanted dirt, but it will also make the windows smoother to wash.
Next, spray the mixture you used to clean the interior of your windows, making sure to wipe down after.

You should never use paper towel to clean glass. Not only will it leave behind smudge marks, but it will also leave linty streaks that will be tough to get rid of after. Invest in some microfiber cloths.

Even if you do everything listed above, you may still end up with the odd streak. To finish off, buff your windows with either a rag or microfiber cloth. Just make sure whatever you use is dry.
Remember that the longer you wait in between window washes, the more difficult it will be to clean them without leaving smudges. If you keep to a schedule, you can help to minimize the amount of dirt and debris that builds up on your windows, ensuring that they stay clean.