Safe Driving in an SUV

Safe Driving in an SUV
Although some may believe that SUV’s (Sport Utility Vehicles) are unsafe vehicles to drive – studies have actually shown that SUV’s are actually among the safest vehicles on the road. However, you should realize that driving in a SUV is different than driving in a car so you should take different precautions while you’re on the road to ensure safety.
Consider purchasing an SUV with anti-lock brakes to improve handling in slippery conditions.
You should also make sure your vehicle has ESC (Electronic Stability Control). If you start to skid while driving, ESC will kick in and help keep you on the road.
Finally, AWD and 4WD will help to give you added traction so there’s less chance of your vehicle slipping and sliding in poor conditions.
SUV’s typically weigh a lttle more than a standard car which means it typically takes longer to stop. Therefore, you should increase your following distance and drive slower so you’ll have more time to react in case a problem occurs.